Our training portfolio consists of courses on the newest technologies used in mobile telecommunication industry.

Download the complete set of our training descriptions.

Training Title
EPS/LTE System Overview intermediate 3 days  PDF
E-UTRAN/LTE Signalling advanced 5 days  PDF
E-UTRAN Standard Counters & KPIs (R8-R12) advanced 1 day  PDF
EPC/LTE Signalling advanced 4 days  PDF
LTE-Advanced (R10-R12) advanced 3 days  PDF
VoLTE Overview intermediate 2 days  PDF
LTE Cellular IoT (R10-R14) advanced 3 days  PDF
5G System Overview intermediate 4 days  PDF
5G Radio Planning intermediate 2 days  PDF

We organise both public as well as in-house training sessions.

Sessions listed in our Public Training schedule are open to all individuals and/or groups representing diverse professional interests.

In-house training sessions can be organised upon client's order at almost any venue throughout the world.

In addition to the off-the-shelf courses we develop customised training programmes in line with client's specific business objectives.

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